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Best Warehouse Robotic Automation in India

For 3PL | E-commerce | Apparel | Retail | Pharmaceutical | Electronics

Introducing Next-Gen Warehouse Automation Robotic System in Collaboration with HAI-ROBOTICS.

As one of the leading warehouse automation companies in India, our mission is to create and deliver value to every warehouse and factory with advanced robotics and AI technology. We provides customized solutions according to customers’ warehouse automation transformation requirements and applications in different scenarios.

Our warehouse robotic system includes…

 Autonomous Mobile Robots

Intelligent Warehouse
Management System

Customized Workstation

Charging Station

Goods to person picking
systems benefits

7 Days for Deployment & 1 Month to Go Live

Easy to transform and upgrade

Increase Operational Efficiency by 3-4 times

Intelligent picking and handling

Increase Storage Density by 80%-130%

Covers a broader storage space range from 0.25m to 6.50m

Flexible Customization

Suitable for a variety of application scenarios

Rapid ROI

Significantly shortens the return period of investment

Atmos Autonomous Mobile
Robots Product Range


Multi-layer ACR


Double-deep ACR


Carton-picking ACR


Telescopic Lift ACR

Atmos Autonomous Mobile
Robot Key Features

Autonomous & Intelligent Functions

Autonomous picking, handling, navigation & charging.

Ultra-wide Picking Range

Covers a broader storage space range from 0.25m to 6.50m.

Fast & stable

Stable speed is 1.8m/s with/without load.

Muti-Case Handling

Each robot can store up to 8 cases at the same time.

Wireless Communication

Supports 5GHz band and Wi-Fi to ensure a smooth operation.

Multiple Safety Protection

Obstacle detection, active obstacle avoidance, anti-collision alarm, and emergency stop.

Mixed Picking

Compatible with cartons/totes, multi-size cases.

Flexible & Customizable

Supports different customization requirements including height and color.

The Ideal Solution

Tailored specially to meet different application scenarios to deliver the best solution.