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Best Truck Loading Conveyor Manufacturers in India

For Logistics/3PL | eCommerce | Distribution Centers | Warehouses

Introducing Next-Gen Truck Loading Conveyor

Truck Loading Conveyor System is a simple telescopic belt conveyor used for loading and unloading trucks or containers having large amount of goods or material carried for transportation. This portable truck loading conveyor can easily move large-sized boxes, cartons, bags, etc. in or out transporting vehicle and are widely used in warehouses, Industrial plants where material needs to be moved rapidly & efficiently.

The situation of non availability of manpower faced by all Industries has generated the demand for complete Industrial and Warehouse Automation Solution with fastest return on Investment. The telescopic conveyor belt with height adjusting arrangement not only completes simple tasks like unloading or loading but also improves worker safety and reduces goods damage.

Truck Loading Conveyor Technical Specifications



Belt Speed (meter/min)


Belt Speed Adjustable


Capacity (kg/meter)


Belt Width (mm)


Conveyor Length (meter)

13.5 – 24

Benefits of using Truck Loading Belt Conveyor Systems

Material loading and unloading time decreases.

Prevents human injuries and goods damage during transportation.

Eliminates labor dependency and reduces labor cost.

Rapid return on Investment after Installation.

Can easily carry large boxes, cartons, polybags, etc.

Can be manually or automatically controlled.