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Best Telescopic Conveyor Manufacturers in India

For Logistics/3PL | eCommerce | Distribution Centers | Warehouses

Introducing Atmos Telescopic Conveyor System

A Telescopic Conveyor is a flat belt conveyor used for transportation of boxes, cartons, bags, etc. quickly, safely and efficiently from one location to another. Telescopic conveyor systems are also known as boom or extendable conveyors, capable in truck loading and unloading of material with minimal effort.

How does a Telescopic Conveyor work?

Having slider beds with fixed portion and sliding portion, this portable truck loading conveyor works on telescopic mechanism which improves work efficiency by reducing goods loading time and prevents damages during handing process.

With variety of lengths, widths, accessories options, telescopic belt conveyor is capable of filling an container without the need for a operator, making it fit for top warehouse automation companies or distribution center applications that utilize smaller packages.

Benefits of using Telescopic Conveyor systems

Truck loading and unloading process time decreases.

Prevents human injury and product damage during transportation.

Reduces labor cost and increases profit margins.

Easily unload and load polybags, parcels, cartons etc.

High reliability and long service life

Can be manually or automatically controlled.

Telescopic Conveyor technical specifications



Belt Speed (meter/min)

Max 30

Belt Speed Adjustable


Capacity (kg/meter)

Upto 60 Kg/m

Belt Width (mm)

400, 600, 800, 1000

Conveyor Length (Fixed + Flexible) (meter)

3 + 4.5, 4 + 7, 5 + 10, 6 + 12, 7 + 14