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Spiral Conveyor Manufacturer in India

Vertical Material Handling Solution

Introducing Atmos Spiral Conveyor System

The spiral conveyor system is a vertical material handling equipment used to carry goods between multiple floor levels. Due to flexible design, the spiral conveyor acquires less amount of space and can be installed very easily in congested area.

For smooth conveying operation, the spiral conveyor consists of friction-top belt which eliminates the sliding motion of products during upward or downward movement.

Trays, packages, boxes, bags, totes, cans, etc. are safely and effectively transported from one floor level to another without any human intervention. To move goods to different locations, multiple infeed or outfeed option is available in spiral conveyor system. The spiral conveyors are further classified into gravity spiral conveyor or spiral roller conveyor.

Spiral Conveyor technical details

Most commonly used vertical conveyor systems for lifting boxes, cartons, totes, cases, pallets, etc. are mentioned below.

Load Capacity
– 60 kg/meter

Belt Speed
– 40 m/minute

Max Height
– Customizable as per need

Structure Material
– Mild Steel or Stainless Steel

Spiral Conveyor features & benefits

Energy Efficient and highly productive.

Improves space utilization by linking two work stations.

Reduces labor cost and increases profit margins.

Safer than forklifts or cranes

Best used in warehousing, logistics, manufacturing sectors.

Hydraulic, mechanical and fully automated systems.