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Robotic Palletization | Industrial Robot Manufacturers

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Introducing Cutting-Edge Robotic Palletization System

Robotic Palletization refers to the application in which Industrial robots automatically pile up items such as boxes, cases, bags, cartons, etc. onto pallets or other equipment during the operations. A robotic palletizing system offers a flexible solution to load and unload an object in less time and without any human effort.

Palletizing is the process of loading products or goods onto a wooden or plastic pallets for transportation and storage. While Depalletizing is the process of unloading products or goods at the specific location.

How does a Robotic Palletizer work?

The automatic palletizer machine consist of a programmable software which controls the pallet pattern and flexible tooling option for faster conveying cycle. The palletizing system automatically handles the products or goods moving through the conveyor system in a defined pattern. The palletizing robots lift the bags, cases or cartons from the production lane and place them on the pallets for storage or dispatch. Many factory automation companies have implemented robotic palletizers into their workplace to get the work done more quickly, effectively and safely.


Benefits of using
Robotic Palletizer Systems

Products & human safety improves through automation.

Production rate increases due to fast robotic action.

Advance technology with high accuracy and precision.

Labor cost and operational cost decreases.

Eliminated manually stacking and unstacking.

Can easily add new products or change pallet patterns.