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Best Diverting and Sorting Conveyor Manufacturers

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Introducing cutting-edge Diverting and Sorting Conveyors

Diverting and Sorting Systems are used to either divert, sort or merge products from conveyor line single lane to multiple lanes in order to reach specific locations. The most common use of sorting conveyor in order fulfillment process is to sort products at packing stations.

In manual sortation human workers used to identify and divert items as necessary, But automated sorting conveyor system equipped with barcode scanners and other sensors accomplish tasks without any human intervention.

Diversion & Sortation Methods

Diverters and Gates

  • Change product direction to single or multiple locations.
  • Sort goods or products based on defined attributes.
  • Can be easily control through system.


  • Can easily transfer parts to other conveyors.
  • Push moving products at right angles to the flow.
  • Use to create horizontal pile.

Lane Guiding

  • Merge product across lanes.
  • Large quantity of goods can be transferred easily.
  • Easy to use with conveyor belt system.

How Diverting and Sorting Conveyors work?

Diversion and Sortation Conveyors controls the continuous flow of factory automation products on a conveyor line to achieve productivity and efficiency. By implementing diverters, gates, and guides operated by software controls, products can be sorted by diverting the product to the desired conveyor. For shipping, palletizing, packing & other applications, conveyors and sortation technologies that can be used depends upon the business needs or requirement.

Sorting System

Benefits of using Diverting & Sorting Conveyors

Energy Efficient and highly productive.

Change product direction to single or multiple locations.

Reduces labor cost and increases profit margins.

Process automation such as production, packaging and shipping.

Separate products based on defined attributes.

Easy maintenance which minimizes downtime.