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Best Dimension Weight Scanning Systems

Cost Effective | High Performance | Extremely Durable

Introducing Atmos Dimension & Weight Scanning System

Dimensioning Weighing Scanning Systems (DWS System) are used to automatically capture dimensions and weight of boxes, bags, packages, cartons, etc. travelling through a conveyor system for the last stage sortation process before shipping.

The Intelligent DWS System acquires correct product related data and help logistics automation companies to increase their profitability by improving shipping accuracy and customer delivery service.

Benefits of using Dimension Weight Scanning systems

 Eliminates manual errors in measuring and database updating.

Prevents human injury and product damage during transportation.

Reduces labor cost and increases profit margins.

Easy to customized according to business needs.

Increases quality control on order shipments.

Capable of scanning several products per hour

How Dimensional Weight Scanner works?

The dynamic profilers of dimension weight scanning system records the product dimension (length, breadth, height, volume) in database with high speed and accuracy. Capable of scanning different type of products, these systems have barcode scanner for easy sortation at the end of automation process.

In e-commerce Industry and warehouses, parcel dimension scanner, pallet dimension scanner and package dimension scanners are highly used due to their unmatched productivity and accuracy.

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